Born in 1956, it seems that Bernard Dublé is always very curious, if we add a creative sense constantly awaking then you will understand with how much simplicity the artist brings to fruition new concepts, wich are not vague ideas that disappear over the years.

First at all a small subject in two dimensions, Lolart © will be, according how you look at it, standing posture: a woman, horizontal posture: a fish, sets up vertically, we will discover a vase.

The artist designs, builds cut out and devices to agree more accurately the visual to the pertinence of shapes.
Lolart, could express itself in three dimensions to show a woman praying, a centipede or the seat of thought.
The discoverer of Lolart, opens us all possibilities to explore and interpret.

Stick to your wills, Lolart is offered to us in plastic matter or in “ alucobond ”©.
We can forget the contemporary sculpture benefits from the supply of new materials and production and conversion’s techniques more and more sophisticated.

Bernard Dublé has understood the interest of using an industrial product able to be transformed according to the research of the artist. In the artist’s hands the flat shapes are transformed into geometrics abstract or figurative volumes.

The rounded configurations gain a meaning, wich does not stop at the first vision or a methodical spatial organisation.

Enlightened or shady depends on the orientation, the metal will hold up the luminous intensity emphasizing horizontal and vertical rhythms.

Visible or recalled, a new reality is suggested beyond the work.
The look and the spirit of the spectator stimulate us others possible and personal evocations renewed all the time.

With Lolart, the act of imagination becomes again magic and easy. Lolart introduces a relation, even more an interaction between his designer and the spectator.
This new motion of research is not included in a constraint outline and considers the language in its all forms. Finally, if we do want to include Lolart in all symbol of interpretation we will risk being too much scanty.

Always the identical but never the same, Lolart intrigues us, questions you. Obviously, abide in the research of shapes; the artist discovers everywhere and always with experience and expertise of the engineer but also with the passion of the designer.

Instrument of communication, without doubt, however Lolart would like to be an esthetic concept, able to charm you in a figurative or abstract innovating approach.

“ Plastic surgeon techno-concptual ” engineer trained to “ sense tactile expertise ” Bernard Dublé reveals us his particular talent to invite us to read several levels.

With the “ lolartisme ” the visible and the imaginary meet themselves as the shade and the light.